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Comprehensive Video Inspections

McGill’s Industrial Services Inc. in Saskatoon offers additional video inspections to uncover the cause of plumbing, electrical, and heating system problems. This method offers a comprehensive look into your systems without uprooting the surrounding area. If you would like to request more information and get started with an appointment, contact us today!

Video Line Inspection

This service offers real-time remote visual inspection of pipes, sewer lines, and more. It provides a quick, accurate diagnosis of any damage, blockages, and other problems you might be experiencing.

Camera Services – CUES Camera

  • Camera inspection
  • Main line CCTV
  • Live video feed and DVD/USB Video Recording
  • 1200’ of cable
  • Inspects line 6 inch to 108 inch and larger

Camera Services – See Snake Camera (Push Camera)

  • Camera inspection
  • Locating services
  • Can maneuver around turns in small pipelines
  • 225’ of cable large see snake (2 inch- 8 inch)
  • 85’ of cable see snake micro(3/4 inch to 6 inch)

Camera Services – IBAK Camera

  • Camera Inspection 4 inch – 108 inch and above
  • Panoramo 3D optical scanning
  • Panoramo 150 (5 inch -12 inch lines)
  • Panoramo SI 3D manhole scanner
  • Panoramo 2 (8inch- 104inch +)
  • Lateral Launch (Main to Building)
  • Laser Pipe Profiler (Structural pipe integrity analysis)
  • Laser Pipe Profiler for testing deflection and erosion of new and old pipes
  • Lateral Launch Cleaning (Main to home or building)
  • Lateral Launch can also trace/locate where the line travels underground
  • 1640’ (500 meters) of cable
  • 131’ (40 meters) Lateral launch distance


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